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  • Samira Sine

Who's watching the kids? As the Facebook story unfurls, few understand how it makes money!

Does anyone still remember that famous moment on Capitol Hill, where Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) asks Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg how he is able to sustain a business model in which users do not pay. And Zuckerberg responds with a smile and "Senator, we run ads."

This happened on April 10th, 2018. It's September 2021! Sadly, as the Wall Street Journal's investigation on Facebook unfolds, we know not much has changed. We live in a divided country where we are going to have to make a statement. "Democracy's health is at serious risk."

So too, is the mental health of children. As the recent WSJ findings show Facebook knew that it was hurting children, and ignored it, the question is, "Who indeed, is paying attention?" We aren't tech engineers but we understand enough and have worked at organizations that taught us why these unchecked platforms can cause serious, irrevocable damage across the board. This includes children.

We love this video with the Founder of The Center for Humane Technology, Tristan Harris, and the Founder of The Consilience Project, Daniel Schmactenberger. If you want to understand how the best minds are interpreting this, the guys with the courage, integrity and know-how, take a few moments to slow down and watch this video below.


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