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Key Findings

Just For The Children's advice, webinars, and podcasts are based on scientific research from the most respected organizations. We are parents too, and have hired educators and researchers who are also parents, to help with our work.

Childhood is precious, fleeting and fragile. Developmental milestones must be protected. 


With a team of experienced editors, educators and researchers, we have curated the "Key Findings" on the topics below.  These topics are all inter-connected.  For example, if a child's privacy is not protected online, it could potentially cause weight gain. We will explain how in each section below and cite the research and how we synthesize it.


We also invite researchers who are focused on children's health in a tech-filled world to send us their research. If childhood is to be protected, we must be open to sharing our work. The physical, mental, cognitive and emotional development of children are all related and the role of exponential tech cannot be discounted.


We want today's children to be tomorrow's healthy and fit adults. 

You're in! Thanks for supporting our mission!

Join Just For The Children as we help create the next generation of healthy humans

Millions of parents and educators around the world demand change as policies that keep our children healthy, connected and learning are not in place.

We need you to join our movement.

Marketing to Kids

Billions of dollars are made by companies who market to children.  When children are online, algorithms figure out their preferences and feed them a steady diet of advertising, often junk food and worse.  

Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity has quadrupled since the 1970s. Today, 2/3rds of an American child's diet is made up of ultra-processed foods and screen time has risen exponentially. 

Digital Literacy

Kids today are digital natives, born into a dizzying and exciting world where tech plays a critical role in their lives.  While that's all  amazing and exciting, there are also some serious potential risks which is why digital literacy must be taught at home and at school and re-enforced constantly. 


We know about data leaks and privacy leaks in banking, and more. But when it comes to children, there must be more stringent guardrails. 


Since children's screen media habits increase exponentially, we have sleep-friendly recommendations for clinicians, educators and parents.

Body Image

The jury has always been out on whether social media use has any effect on body image for children. It's a nuanced and complex subject to dive into but it's one of our main pillars.

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