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What We Do

You're in! Thanks for supporting our mission!

Join Just For The Children as we help create the next generation of healthy humans

Millions of parents and educators around the world want to change as policies that keep our children healthy, connected and learning are not in place.

We need you to join our movement.

Sneakers 'N' Screens

Just For The Children's blog, Sneakers 'N' Screens,  provides the latest content surrounding digital health and overall well-being. 

Key Findings

With a team of experienced editors, educators and researchers, we have curated the "Key Findings" on various topics surrounding children and technology.  Research is the key to creating actionable steps to change the trajectory of technology's effect on children.

Webinars & Workshops

Our webcasts and webinars are designed to be interactive, providing educators and parents the information they need to foster a healthy relationship between children and technology.

For childhood is precious and fleeting and not all products today are created with their overall well-being in mind.


All children have the right to a healthy, full life. In today's media-saturated world, fast food and fast tech are changing childhood at an exponential pace.  At Just For The Children, our purpose is to support the health and well-being of children growing up in a digital world by advising parents and educators with research-backed tools and expert advice, and to partner with organizations that nourish the whole child. Oh, and also advocate at the highest levels for children.


We want new interventions for today's children, and want more focus on making the next generation healthier, stronger and better equipped for the world we're handing them!

Raising Connected Kids

Our podcast, Raising Connected Kids, offers conversations with experts around raising happy, healthy children in the digital age.

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