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  • Samira Sine

School's Out, Tech Can Help!

School may be over, and camps end at 1. So do we let our youngest minds head to their rooms to play video games or scroll on social media.

In this post, we look at the 5 ways we can use technology to keep our entertained, moving and learning. No tears, no struggles.

  1. Give them clear outlines at the start of the summer. We have a family contract if you wish to use it. Feel free to create your own, because each family is different.

  2. There's plenty to learn from video games themselves. The key is to use age- appropriate games and websites like Common Sense Media and Fairplay, who have done all the research

  3. Download math and read apps like IXL, Khan Academy and Kindle which offer free summer learning, in small doses.

  4. Give kids a timer to stop and move their bodies after one hour of tech use.

  5. Try and play some games with them, and have fun too!

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