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A video series by former Common Sense Media Director &Reuters Journalist Samira Sine:Kids and Tech!

I've done many hour plus long talks on Gaming and Kids, Sleep and Screens, and more! In creating the decks and prepping for the talks, I realized just how much parents and educators need short, factual advice and tips. We continue to do the work for you, so you don't have to stress. We are also parents who understand that raising children in the digital age is not easy and that while tech provides many benefits, understanding the dangers early is critical.

We view tech as a positive, but know that many platforms that are attractive to our kids aren't created with their well-being in mind. So please watch our series, where we start with the simple video, "So your child is now online! Here's what you should know to keep them safe." Feel free to share these videos with other parents and educators. We want to keep kids connected safely, and enjoy tech without the downsides and risks.


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