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Social-Emotional Challenges for Children: How Tech Can Provide Support

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

nd food shows on Discovery Network channels. She is being certified in kinesiology.

Samira and David are caring parents first and foremost. They co-founded Just For The Children to help kids introduce movement and mindfulness into their lives as they navigate the dizzying pace of today’s digital world.

More information: - National Center for Learning Disabilities - numerous articles about social and emotional skills with links to equally informative sites - - online hub and community for parents of children with special needs - Social Thinking - a treatment framework and curriculum developed to improve individual social thinking abilities

Sources used: - Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning - National Center for Learning Disabilities

Elias, M. J. (2004). "The connection between social-emotional learning and learning disabilities: Implications for intervention". Learning Disability Quarterly 27 (1): 53–63.

Experts consulted:

Barbara K. Polland, PhD, MFT, Professor Emeritus, CSUN

Kelly Priest, M.S., Partner at Social Foundations LLCJoy Zabala, AIM Center Director, CAST


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