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Just For The Children applauds Irish teens for speaking out against Facebook!

Irish teenagers paid a visit to Facebook's European Headquarters.

"There are young girls out there taking their own lives because of social media," said Megan Brown, 15, from Schull.

The teens are asking the

Government to "face up" to the tremendously negative toll that social media has on today's youth.

The teens said that Instagram puts pressure on young people but especially teenage girls, to look a 'certain way.' And conforming to unrealistic standards was becoming a mental health issue.

Brown said that while she was aware of the negative impact social media had on mental health, she wanted to let others her age know too. So she made posters about the seriously damaging effects of social media on the broader youth in Ireland.

They have plans to elevate their work so teens across the globe can do similar work. Just For The Children applauds the wisdom of Megan Brown in her efforts to bring more focus on the issues created by social media on developing minds.

We thank The Irish Examiner for first bringing light to this important story.


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