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David Kirsch: Why the classrooms of today need a few interventions to keep kids bodies healthy.

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I've spent over 3 decades training adults, whether supermodels, or athletes. I often get the ones who are injured or need something more than just a basic workout. It was watching my 11-year old girls slumped over screens, moody, and with poor posture, and hearing of dozens of stories of young children developing muscle pain in their neck and back, that made me realize that we need much more "Digital or Tech Hygiene" intervention training for parents and teachers. I believe that screens can have immense positive benefits for children, from learning to connecting and creating! As someone who wants to see fit, healthy children moving and eating well, my new focus is on raising awareness, starting new programs and advocacy to help all children stay in optimal health. And many of them will help adults too. We are going to partner with health experts and educators and create easy "tweaks" for a child's day. And our promise is to take these programs and talks to children all across the country, for free.

We understand that it is overwhelming for teachers and parents, and we are here to help and support you with our research-backed, vetted advice.


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