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Caring for our Kids - Mind, Body & Spirit

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, for the first time in history, our children have a lower life expectancy than us. As a society, we have advanced in so many critical ways, so how is this possible? Sadly, the pandemic has led to a dramatic spike in childhood obesity. Just to be clear, the pandemic only exacerbated a dangerous trend that has seen childhood obesity quadruple since the 70's!

Research has shown U.S. deaths due to obesity have overtaken smoking in people over 45. Left unchecked, today's children will only add to this tragic statistic. What can we do as parents, caregivers and teachers to help guide, educate and empower our children to love, respect and care for the bodies - inside and out - and strive to be their best selves?

I have always believed that DIET IS A 4 - LETTER WORD! Living a balanced life, eating healthfully, better foods, no starvation nor shame, nor fad diets, is the path to living a healthy lifestyle that will last them a lifetime.

I was particularly moved by an op ed piece written in Newsweek by former Miss America (2013) Mallory Hagan, on 8/27/21, After COVID-19, Our Kids Need Real Body Positivity In a world that has been taken over by everything from TikTok to television, body shaming messages are omnipresent. She discusses the personal trauma she has dealt with, and the positive steps she has taken to overcome them. The message is clear- love the body you were blessed with; focus on its positive aspects. Instead of focusing on how a body looks, it's time to focus on how. a body performs.


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