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  • Samira Sine

Can we ask the school how much time our child is on a screen? Read on...

The answer to the question is a resounding "yes." Parents and educators have to work together to understand how much time a child is spending online. With the physical effects of "too much screen time" becoming a bigger conversation, it is important.

Pivoting to using screens is useful and children derive multiple benefits from them. But as we say in our mission, the mind and body need breaks. All screen time is equal when we look at it through the physical lens.

Blue light, position, tech-neck, hours in a sedentary state: these are all relevant and can create long term problems for children in the future. Writing a friendly email to the home-room teacher or anyone who can offer the big picture or snapshot of your child's day is a great start. Remember, the educational journey is a partnership and engaged parents can help create successful students.


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