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Samira Nanda Sine,  former Reuters TV New York reporter, and acting  Bureau Chief joined Common Sense Media in 2018 when she realized that smartphones that she hadn't yet given her children were going to change their lives. During the course of her professional career, she has worked in Mumbai, Hong Kong, and New York City, as a journalist and writer. She has traveled for work, or lived in over 30 countries.


With over 15 years as a writer, on-air broadcaster, and producer, she has worked at the BBC World Business Desk, Reuters Television News, and The Huffington Post. She  also hosts a travel show that airs on The Learning Channel HD Worldwide (Discovery Channel) A & E Networks and Apple TV. Samira has always believed in bigger causes around women, children, education, and digital literacy and serves on boards of organizations that are committed to women's and children's health. Since she had a teacher as a mother, education was her first calling.

Currently based in New York, Samira lives with her spouse, four children, and a golden retriever. She "disrupts" digital time at home by conducting loud phone conversations with friends, in Hindi or other languages. She holds a master's degree in journalism from New York University, a master's degree in English literature from Bombay University, India, and a bachelor's degree in economics and political science from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, India.

She has conducted dozens of parent and educator talks across the country, on Digital Literacy, Social Media and Mental Health, Video Game addiction and more. She believes that technology has immense benefits if used properly. She has also seen first hand, the physical effects of technology on  hundreds of children and believes regulation and new interventions are needed so children can benefit from technology and be protected from its downsides!

Donate to Just For The Children to help kids be kids again.

James Steyer
CEO & Founder, Common Sense

“Samira’s journalism and development background, along with her proven commitment to kids, education, and digital literacy, ideally suit her to lead these important conversations that help parents and families.”

Gina Malin
Executive Director, The Parents 
League NY

 “Samira has an outstanding command of the research on screen time, but more important, as a parent herself, she understands and has compassion for parents. Her advice ispractical, relatable, reassuring and positive!” 

In Good Company

Samira’s cross-cutting talents in digital literacy, media, journalism, and education will make a significant difference in advancing the well-being of our nation’s children. She will leverage the best collective evidence to give our families the trusted guidance sorely needed in our world.
-       Martha Kanter, CEO, College Promise; U.S. Under Secretary of Education (2009-2013)

Samira Sine

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