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  • Samira Sine

Don't trade childhood for technology! Learn the tips that take back those tiny moments now!

When a child uses a device for non-academic purposes, its a trade off!

Google Maps can be convenient but there are other ways we are giving up data, and when it comes to kids, that's a huge no-no!

Be present in the room with your child. If you are in conversation with your child, but your attention is half on your interaction with them, but you switch back and forth, most likely you are missing the most important time with your little one, you will never get back. And kids learn from their parents, so remember we are our child's first role models!


What am I losing as I’m gaining this convenience? Is it worth it?

What’s the non-tech way to do this thing I’m doing right now? (e.g. journaling or meditating without an app)

How does my own tech as a parent use make my children feel?

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