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With the exponential rise of technology in the lives of our youngest citizens,  the benefits are tremendous.  But most of the products are not made with the ultimate health and well-being of children in mind. As childhood obesity soars, fast food ads follow our kids 24/7 and  tech addiction is being taken seriously, we need to wake up to this unhealthy reality.  A child's digital life is being tracked and data is being collected.  We need new interventions for parents and more co-operation from Big Tech. 

Just For The Children aims to inform, re-assure, and equip parents and educators so they can minimize the risks. They can take advantage of the benefits of tech and also be given more transparency.  We also advocate for humane, ethical tech and more fitness programs, interventions and policies,  to improve the quality of life for society's youngest.

Where movement, mindfulness and technology work for the common good of all children

Join Just For The Children as we help create the next generation of healthy humans

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Millions of parents and educators around the world want change as policies that keep our children healthy, connected and learning are not in place. We want to hear from you, as we build momentum, educate parents and educators and help frame the next chapter for the future of kids.

We need you to join our movement.

Samira’s cross-cutting talents in digital literacy, media, journalism, and education will make a significant difference in advancing the well-being of our nation’s children. She will leverage the best collective evidence to give our families the trusted guidance sorely needed in our world.
-       Martha Kanter, CEO, College Promise; U.S. Under Secretary of Education (2009-2013)


Samira Sine

David Kirsch

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How to Control Your Child's Tech Use

 “...David sends a powerful message to parents everywhere. Good health and family wellness are easily accessible to all...” 

Jennifer Lopez  |  Entertainer

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